Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So What if "Bob" left Ghost Hunters

Now we here at RGQ usually don't like to be mean an say ugly things and what not against feller ghost hunterers...but hells bells, ever since that guy left that ghost huntin show on tv we been getting a bunch of questions about it. How in the hell do we know why (we'll call him "Bob") left his show? Bob looked like he was in for a vacation any way with that tired expression he had. Not mention he was always being a told what to do by that bald guy that thinks he is God's gift to Ghosts. RGQ's prides itself in being able to help people out of a ghostly jam.

We aint paradin' all over God's green earth with celebrities, and wasting time in stupid libraries and old theaters. Hell, we know'd them places is haunted so what? Nobody don't live in them so who cares if old Charlie is still knocking around in the threater messin' with lights. Way I see it, that Other Ghost Huntin show that Bob left never caught a daggum thing. It was a lot of, "what the "bleep" was that? and "Did you see that"...I never saw a daggum thing. Quite frankly, I don't know why people think they are so daggum credible since they never catch more than a cold on that show. Plus, they always say Orbs aint squat. Well, that was the final straw in my butt. Orbs is ghosts. They say it is just energy, well ghosts is energy! Now that don't mean we here at RGQ believes every orb is a ghost.

Hell, I remember one lady sent us a picture and said the orb had the face of her dog in it. Turns out, it was just a blurry pic of a dog with one of them white neck guards on it what keeps the dog from liking himself. It had his face in the picture, but it wasn't an orb. Oh well, honest mistake after all, Miss Letterby is 94 years old. Everything she see's is blurry. So there's my rant for the day, no we don't know why "Bob" left Ghost Hunters. We don't care. That show sucks anyway. Read our blog instead.
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