Sunday, March 18, 2012

Aliens is here!

Hey yall, this here's Bubba, its been a spell since I updated on our site here, and for those that have contacted us about helping them don't you worry none, we're on it. We been branching out here at RGQ and lo and behold we've expanded our investigating to include aliens.
 Heres what me and my crew have uncovered so far:

1. Aliens is here. Period.

AlienImage via Wikipedia
2. Hollywood worships them
Hollywood SignImage via Wikipedia

3. Tom Cruise is probly one

Tom Cruise at a press conference featuring the...Image via Wikipedia
4. Area 51 will shoot you if you get drunk and walk past that sign that says don't come here or we'll kill ya. Sorry uncle Sam, I forgot.

For the alien we all have all have inside. And...Image via Wikipedia

5. Aliens can read your mind, so don't think about smart stuff because they'll want to breed with you. FYI, probing aint fun
hongi tom cruisehongi tom cruise (Photo credit: The Warriors Way)

How to protect yourself from Alien invasion
1. Tin foil hat, I know it should go without saying, but you  know this may help block their being able to read your mind.
Tin foil hat 3Image via Wikipedia

2. Always wear anti probing underwear. We are currently trying to get a prototype for our own design we're working on. It has a metal mesh barrier in the seat of underwear that makes it impossible for Alien probing. Now if we can figure out a way to keep aliens from just pulling off the undies altogether we're in business.

Men tanga underwearImage via Wikipedia
3. Wrap yourself in bubble wrap. I have it on good authority that the snapping and popping noise actually scares Aliens.
Bubble WrapImage via Wikipedia

4. Disguise yourself as an Alien. For about $15.00 you can buy an Alien mask to wear to fool the Alien. Make sure its ugly, we don't want to attract them if you know what I mean.

CIMG3360CIMG3360 (Photo credit: Rita Simon 

5. Don't be home. We find most Alien abductions take place in the home. So don't be there.   
Gone Fishin'

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