Friday, November 18, 2011

Just What Y'all Been Waitin' For

Hey, Feller Redneckers! I've got some quite new and excitin' news to tell ya'. In recent months, we've been overwhemed by all the calls that we've been gettin' by people with dead un's followin' and hauntin' they's homes. We, being as professional as can be, are about to record live accidents and evp's for your entertainment and/or education.

Cartoon ghost
We ghosts is REall!! 

We been gettin' calls from folks who don't think that what we do is real. Everybody knows they'res ghosts. Just as there is a Santy Claud at Christmas, there's ghosts that roams around everywhere. From your cousin Ernie's barnhouse to your aunt Edna's outhouse, we been collectin' data from all sorts of people. We tend to take on cases from people of our own stature in life. Meanin' rednecks. We ain't afraid to say that!
Anyways, just'a keep checkin' in on us as we are fine tunin' our equipment to make sure that you're be hearing the same things that we are hearing. We will post evps and video clips and it will be totally up to you to decide for yerself what is it and what is it ain't. Talk to you soon.

P.S. Freddie, I know you ate my whole box of moon pies on our last outting. Don't blame it on no ghost, cuz brother man we smellt what you dealt in the bathroom afterwords.

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