Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gassy Ghost?

RGQ was called out recently to catch a little EVPs from a clients house that claimed their spirit was a makin' belching noises at their dinner table, me, being the ever funny fella I am said they must not have been minding their EVP's and Q' went over like a mud filled balloon with the clients...I guess Im not funny.
FartImage via WikipediaAt any rate I have yet to run across a spirit that burps..this was new to me, but lo and behold apparently they is spirits that do partake in bodily noises. Burps is the least offensive, by the way..but anyway our resident spirit whisperer, Steve said they can do a wide range of sounds from passing gas to sneezing. Well the clients house is set up just a spit away from a local plant that makes Ibupropen, which is Motrin for the lesser informed. Turns out Ibupropen makin' stinks something awful too..the whole house smelled like a rotten egg that swallowed some garlic and then pooted. However its not ours to judge the home would  think they'd over look the burping in light of the fact it stunk something fierce..but the burping was bothering them so in we come and set up our sophisticated tools of the trade, hand held recorders.
Steve started the session with a simple question, "why are you here and why are  a burpin up the place?"

E.V.P.Image by BEYOURPET via FlickrWell just then we got a dizzy feeling and a loud blast that sounded like a whoopie cushion on steroids shook the house..this was no burp..Steve looked at me an said, "we're going to need a bigger recorder.."

Well needless to say I was in the midst of about to light up my cigar, when Steve dove over to me an snatched it from me.
"are you daggum crazy? dont daggum light no cigar, you'll blow this place to kingdom come.."

I must admit I hadn't thought about how the gas from beyond might make for an explosive evening but realized he was probably right and so thank goodness for Steve's fast reflexes..
We continued the EVP session and told the ghost thanks for the "noise" it made, even though we almost barfed...
Steve: "Is they some reason you are gassy?"....
Bubba: " Can we git you some rolaids or something long those lines?"...
Well again there was some burpin and sounded like it was coming from the floor. After a long night of EVPeein..we packed up..headed home to review our evidence..suggesting that the homeowners leave out some rolaids, pepto bismal and beano for the ghosts..the EVPs we caught on the recorders were consistent with what we heard in the home and so we set up a meeting with the clients to let them listen in..
Clyde, the english bulldog puppyImage via WikipediaWell to our amazement they said no need..they had found the culprit..apparently the neighbors Bulldog "Elvis" had gotten trapped under their house and once the neighbors located ol' Elvis under the house crawl space, stated that he had a condition whereas he had them horrible doggie farts and often had respiratory issues that caused him not to burp but make hockin coughin noises and burpy noises..Case solved..

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