Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ha! Ha! Them Ghosts is Funny!! ~ By Freddie.

Now I ain't one to play lots of practical jokes on people... I'm far from it. But this person called me and left me a message at the front desk of the hotel. Why am I at a hotel, you might as well ask? Well, them ghosts like to play jokes. I'll get into that into a bit from now. Now, back to where I was... I got a message from a man (friend of mine) who asked me to come over, kick back and have a few beers. My wife said it was okay to go as long as there ain't been no naked women of the nights. I told her that my buddy could not afferd one of them ladies and I didn't get paid this week from RGQ!!! Hint, hint!

Well, I got to my friend's trailer and he told me that he called me there because they's been ghosts frequenting the residence. So I put up a few cameras and a recorder to get some evp. That means electric voice playin'. Well, I had a beer or two and started to tryun instigate this ghost to come out. I told that ghost that he or she stunk and probably looked ugly. I heard something fall on the floor. I runned to it with my flashlight... close call, but it was just a big water bug fallin' on the floor from the ceiling. Whew, that was close!

'Bout that time, my friend had some cousins or something come over with more beer. Who am I to tell somebody who not to invite they's own house. Well, them cousins of his were pretty dern pretty! I then realized that I had forgot my wedding band at home and commensed to tell them that I was in fact legally married and that I could not get into any physical or mental contact with them at the moment. They understood and I kept my distance. We did not here much of anything but squeaks and noises, but I'm not sure if it was my stomach or my friends. I took the investigatorial stuff home to look at later.

Lo and behold my wife was hot as a fire ant!! She was diggin' through my pants and found a couple of opened wrappers for them profolactics, or in laymens terms: condemns. She asked if it was me. I said heck no! All I could figure out was that it was a ghost putting them in my pants pocket.... I didn't have no proof that it was a ghost, but it dang near has ruint my relationship! I mean, she is the last of my cousins that finds me attractive, so... that's why I'm stayin' at the hotel. I blame RGQ so the hotel bill is goin' to them! I wish they had a air conditioner!!
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