Friday, April 22, 2011

It Ain't Right, It Just Ain't Right to Steal from People!!

Daggum it! Hi, y'all... this is Freddie. I didn't not wanna' bring this up in this type of situational place but I felt compelled to do it. Somebody's been stealin' my evp and cameras. I had three rolls of film that was took too! I need this equipment for cases I'm investigatin'. It looks pretty daggum sad when I travel so many mile just to end up openin' up my cases and nothin's there! The look on the client's face was horrible! It makes us look really bad and immature when we been showin' up to do somethin' and we ain't got near enough stuff to do it!

I had to fake a smudgin' with some rolled up green paper! I don't know if you know it but I know that rolled up paper burns pretty daggum quick and it stinks to high heavens! This investigatory case was on a Sunday evenin', and of course all the walmarts was closed. Where did I have to find some stuff to work with? A daggum gas station! I looked pretty stupid standin' there at 10:00 pm lookin' fer rolls of film and them throwed away cameras!! I ended up havin' to fake some pictures to give them people. I don't like doin' that 'cuz it makes us look daggum bad, y'all!

Stealin' just ain't right!

Now I don't know who dunnit, but I oughtta take everybody down to the police station and have them all fingerprinted. The only problem is I ain't got the stuff to get the finger prints off of!! I'm leavin' the situation open for anybody that took my stuff to put it back quick like! If I have to travel another long 20 miles with no equipment again, I'm gonna' get some angry, I tell ya' what!! And don't give me none of that there crap about checkin' before I leave... I done that the other night and it still got took before I got to the clientele's trailer!!

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