Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dead People See Me!

Dirt roadDirt road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Hi, it's me Bubba. I just got done with a really nightmare of a investigation!! You know that movie with that guy that was on that tv show in the early 80's? Well, this kid kept tellin' his mama that he saw some dead people. Well, needless to say that is a case that's right up our dirt road! As soon as they called, I got the ol' Chevy jump-started and hit the road to Bowman, South Carolina. For reasons legal and otherwise, we are not allowed to use the people's real names. We'll just call them "them".

Well, them was havin' problems with seeing ghosts and hearing things they couldn't or wouldn't understand. They called my pre-paid cell phone and I went out to meet them at the Exxon gas station in beautiful downtown Bowman. What a town! If I didn't love it here it would definitely be a town I would consider livin' in... them girls are big legged if you know what I mean!

Anyways, I went out to the Bowman Trailer Park and went around the house to smudge some. I took in some of our new equipment. The shades with the built in camera didn't work as good as I thought it would because it was dark and I kept steppin' on things like their dogs! I had to take them off. I went into the little boy's bedroom that kept seein' the dead people. There was automatically a sense of thick air in there. It smelled like roaches, but I just figured it was 'cuz it was a trailer and we all know how easy they can get in a trailer.

I smudged in that room and I smudged in the bathroom. It took a while to smudge up the bathroom, so while I was there I sat down to do an evp session. It got real cold where I was sittin' and I'm thinkin' the ghost didn't like it very much! I won't tell you what came up on the evp, but it sounded like a fart!! I don't think it was me... it sounded like a ghost fart. Well, I went back into the living room and sat on the floor and started another evp. That dang ghost said: "We see you!". I didn't heard it until after I listened to the tape afterwards! What a trip! I gave the information to the clients and left.
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