Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rules of the road, Attn: RGQ team

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It has recently come to my attention that some of you have been doing some unsavory things whilest on your investigations. Home owners have called me up with a few complaints that I'd like to clarify and also set some boundaries on.

Big League Chew Bubble GumImage via Wikipedia1. Do not leave your snack trash in the clients home, I won't name any names but leaving behind bottles of YooHoo and and wads of Big Lead Chew bubble gum wrappers on the floor  is not allowed. It should go without saying, SHOULDN'T IT FREDDIE?

2. If nature calls go outside, no more using the clients bathroom and out other toilet areas.  A client recently called to inform me that their toilet stayed stopped up for three weeks after a visit from out team, I won't say who dunnit, but let it suffice to say it showed up on the camera footage submitted for review on that haunting. BillyBob, you're in charge of camera stuff right? Just sayin..

Older refrigerator model, with freezer compartmentImage via Wikipedia3. Stay out of the clients Frigidaire! Look, I know y'all get hungry and stomach growling is the chief thing we pick up on EVP's, but y'all can't just go in people's house's and eat their daggum Chicken, soda and chips. A client recently informed me there was bright red lipstick on the 2 liter soda bottle in their fridge. Now I ain't saying who it is, but LuLu, ain't that your signature color? We're there to rid the clients house of ghosts not their food!!

Pepto BismolImage by Herr Hans Gruber via Flickr4. No borrying medicine- Look, it don't surprise me none that y'all get tore up stomach's what with the eating and pillaging y'all been doing on investigations, but drinking all the clients Pepto Bismol and then not even having the decency to throw it  away in a trash can really took the cake. A client wrote in and said it was thrown down on their front lawn after an investigation that we conducted. That's just no class. Period. Oh and Steve, Mr. Spirit Whisperer, uh, them Silent but Deadlies basically give you away...next time bring daggum Beano and skip stealing the pink stuff.

Don't make me start looking for replacements, ok, I'm goin' now, Wrestlin's  on.

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