Monday, March 21, 2011

My Hunting Dog is Haunted, I Swear!

I was out fishin' the other and my hunting dog, Lisa, starting actin' all crazy! I pulled into a fish and put it up on the side of the creek and Lisa just jumped all of a sudden and started chewin' it's head off!! Well, now what I need to tell ya is that Lisa is a pretty fat dog, and it ain't like she's missed any meals... kinda like me but that's a difference story to tell.

Well, anyways, we got back to the trailer and I let Lisa out the back of my chevy truck and she commenced to startin' to run around chasin' her tail. Here's the thing... her tail had been cut off a long time ago after a bad ordeal with a coon. I started wonderin' if there was somethin' in her drinkin' water, so I took a sip of it to see if it was okay. It seemed just fine to me... just a little warm. I put some ice cubes in there for her as it were a hot day.

Well, anyways, we was inside watchin' operation repo with Lisa sittin' on my lap. All of a sudden she jumped up and started barkin' at the door. The only problem was there weren't no door where she was barkin'. There used to be a screen door but the last good storm we had took that sucker off to the neighbors yard. I ain't seen it since. Well, anyways.. Lisa kept on a barkin' for about a good hour and I finally got up to see what was goin' on. I didn't see nothin' anywhere.

At first I thought she might just got a hold of a good glimpse of a roach on the wall, but I didn't see none. She had this weird look in her eyes like she was about to bite somebody, namely me! I looked at her and said " You can do if you wanna"... she runned off to the bedroom and jumped on the wife's lap. She was fine until the next day when she was yellin' at the wall again. I could'a swornt I saw a dark shadow standin' right there where she was carryin' on a fuss! I think she might be with the devil inside her because I coulda swornt I saw her with red eyes!

Please help me ghost questerz! Bubba Galstones

Dear Bubba,
This here is Bubba of RGQ, hey we got the same name? Well aint that weird, but weird is what we here at Ghost Questerz is all about. Anyhoo, we don't investigate animal per se, but we know a feller that is called by some the Goat Whisperer. He can read the minds of Goats so maybe he can tap into whatever is ailing your dog. Let us know and LuLu will set it up. You have to give us some time as the Goat Whisperer is a busy man what with Goat Whisperin. His name is Gene and sometimes  he drinks too much but he was able to find a missing goat in only 3 hours once. 

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