Sunday, March 20, 2011

It came in from the rear...

Fred Jones (Scooby-Doo)Image via WikipediaHey this is Phantom flusher Freddie
We went to McBrickles house this am to follow up on reports about hauntings and I  decided to do an initial walkthrough of the premises.  So far we've only been getting noises from the back of the house which leads me to believe the ghostly presence may not want to come in through the front door. The house was built in 1907, and supposedly had servants at one time, maybe this was a servant ?

The back door has flung open twice on its own accord and has now slammed shut in my face, what ever presence is in here its a rude one. We're thinking about bringing the dog in to get some feedback and so far we got one evp, but I swear it sounds like a "burp". Maybe Bubba might consider sharing a beer with the specter later. We'll see, Bubba is pretty dang greedy with his suds. More updates as we continue our observations..
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