Sunday, March 20, 2011

ghosts is alive!

It's a ghost!Image via WikipediaDear admin,
It has come to my attention that they is people sayin mess like ghost aint real. What a load for the commode! I have seen them many times, and will be glad to update ghost questerz from time to time. For right now, lets just say I believe what I seen, and I seen what I believe. Not trying to get too deep on your reading audience and what not but ghosts is alive, period.
Right now we are workin on some ghost huntin equipment that is meant to look like ordinary objects so as to fool the ghosts into thinking we aint there to bother them we just walking around talking to ourselves. Some of the ones on the table in the "idea" stage are as follows: Flyswat devining rods, tin foil fishing caps (so they and ufo's can't read our mind), chewing tobacco scent cover up, solar powered evp device. We think we got a few big ones there and hope  to market them on this site and others.
Until our next haint hunt, which is slated to be in Pillsbury landing, Tennessee we bid ya farewell.
Bubba ghost butt buster

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