Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ghosts is smart!

electric flywatterImage via WikipediaHey everybody, this here is Bubba, and you may remember I was talking about some new things we were working on in the tech department that would fool ghosts into thinking we weren't there to bother them..well we finally did an investigation using the initial prototype of the EMFlyswatter 2000, you may recall we said this would be a modified flyswat that would have the ability to detect a ghostly presence.  I figured walking around with a flyswatter would be a familiar site to a ghost in the south, since we tend to have more flies than paranormal stuff and that's sayin ' a lot. Well turns out the ghost was not fooled, in fact we just recently got back from what they call around these parts as the Sheffield Sugar Shack. A little out of the way place that was built back in prohibition times, also known as a juke joint. The place had a long standing reputation of having been haunted. Many fights broke out and many deaths occurred.
Well whatever ghost that is there is an intelligent spirit, as I sat down the EMFlyswatter2000  for a bit to go do some evp work and when I returned, there was three dead flies stuck to the EMFlyswatter 2000.  I wished I had thought to turn the camera on that EMFlyswatter 2000, but I didn't think the ghost would bother it. After all, it was supposed to fool the ghost. One thing I do know is, the EMFlyswatter may not be able to detect ghosts, but it sure is one helluva flyswatter, worse case scenario, I may market it all the same.  Damn.. Ghosts is smart!

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