Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just for the record: We Aint Them...

From the Desk of Bubba:
Ok, so every since this new deep southern fried paranormal show come out, our gazillion fans have been askin' "Is that y'all?" Let me say that while- yes, they do bear some resemble, resemblations, they do look a little like us, they aint the original Redneck Ghost Questerz. We was redneck before redneck was even cool. They got a Bubba just like us but that is where all the similaredy ? damn it, similaredyness? ends. We use time tested and true methods of hunting and our no fuss no muss make it yourself tools of the trade work way better than their daggum spirit boxes, emf'n  equipment combinated. Plus, truth be told we're better lookin too.
Now here's a daggum memo for the noobie ghost quester:
We gotta tell ya there is a lot in the woods and in the dark that sounds paranormal that aint. We don't like doing  investigatin in the outdoors cause there's too many things that do wiggle, and squiggle about that is a lot more bothersome than ghosts is.. ya got big ol' frogs, rats, snakes, spiders, wild cats, lizards, and bugs of all kinds out there stirring up a ruckus..how can you say what you're hearing under them circumst,circasta circumcisionances? Whatever, you know what we mean..you can't tell in the dark. Is it a bug or ghost, hell I don't know.
Some more advice, quit cursing in front of the ghosts, they don't like it, one of our trainees said the "F" word and got clear slapped to the back of the head. The trainee was rendered crossed eyed, drooling and and incohearing, inchoheret, ununderstandible for hours afterward. So unless you wanna run the risk of being a fumbling idiot that dont nobody never understands never, keep on swearing and a cursin and see what happens..Nobody likes being ununderstandible.

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