Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When in doubt run fool run!

"He met with a severe fall" from Wal...
"He met with a severe fall" from Wallace Goldsmith's illustrations to Oscar Wilde's The Canterville Ghost. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You know we been real busy ghost huntin' and with the holidays we was kicking our heels with friends and family..but now we got to get back to work and one thing I wont to touch on is we get asked this question a lot.."Bubba what do I do when a ghost is threatening me...?" Well you'd think it would be a no brainer but alas it aint..the answer? Run !
You know Brian Harnois took a lot of guff fer his famous phrase "Dude run" but I am inclined to agree with him, hell yeah you run..you can't fight and hit back and some spectors can flat out knock ya right on your hind end...so laugh all you want  to but I agree with him...
One feller asked us what to do when a ghost slaps you, and again, I can't stress enough, run.
Now the RGQ has been pinched,poked, prodded and molested so we've had it all done to us, and hells fire, I think I had one of the succubuses one time too on me..and let me tell you, dont' fall for it I dont care how drunk you are, its a trick..they start of looking like the woman of your dreams but in the morning, damn!
That's when you throw ten dollars on the dresser and again, Run! if you leave your pants behind so be it..git out!
If you must smudge yourself we recommend this too and no, dont go thinking grabbing a handful of weeds and burning them in a mason jar is gonna git it, if you have to go online and find yourself what you need.
Well thats a little tidbit for now, we're going to go stare up at the sky and see if we can see some ufo's and flying rods and what not..
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